Sunday, November 26, 2006

*sunday scribblings - nemesis*

Once upon a time (or last Thursday) Tina was living her awesome life. Making awesome purchases on her daddy's awesome platinum with her super awesome friends. (Yeah it was pretty awesome). After acquiring some new pumps Tina and her friend went to go "boy hunting". Essentially Tina chose whoever showed her up to be her nemesis. I guess that makes sense. Tina was a product of our "item" driven world. Always trying to have the newest and best and be the newest and best. However, she really didn't have any concept of the real world. She had attended all the best private schools in New York City. She always managed to get in some sort of trouble, whether it was sneaking out of her family's flat to see some boys or back talking her teachers. Tina was never punished. Her dad would just have a "talk" with whoever the situation affected and all of it seemed so poof away. She suspected he was throwing money at whatever came their way and the thought of that made Tina feel good. They were privileged and there was nothing Tina couldn't do. Rules didn’t affect her and she had everything she could ever want.

So she lived her meaningless little life, day after day. Shopping at the nicest stores. Driving her beamer up and down the streets of Manhattan. Everything was going great! Then. That Thursday afternoon came along. Rain was tapping on the window of her geosystems class and when she looked out the window at the bustling town below she saw the sophisticated business women below, rushing to their lunch breaks. Her stomach growled quietly and she glanced in her prada back pack at her tofu and soy lunch that her house keeper had packed her. Ten more minutes. Her teacher was yakking away again. She started at her outfit. EW. jc penney probably? How someone could ever let themselves go like that was a mystery to her. She stared at her and wondered how she could make her over. Well that hair would need to grow out. Lesbians are so out of style these days. And maybe if her pants were below her bellybutton. The bell rang and students piled out of the classroom. Tina strutted down the hallway like she usually did and opened up her locker. Suddenly all the eyes darted to the front of the hallway, ugh not again. There she was, Tina’s nemesis. Her name was Michelle and she had always just been one step above Tina. Michelle’s dad was Tina’s dad’s boss. She was taller, prettier, richer, and more popular than her. Every single guy that Tina had ever liked was unfortunately madly and deeply in love with Michelle. Ever since they were little they had been next-door neighbors and “friends”. Michelle would always call Tina in the night about her stupid boy drama, crying and moaning. Sure Tina would console her and all that junk but what’s the good of a friend you secretly hate. Tina sort of felt bad for her in a way. Michelle had no idea that half the girls in the group talked bad about her on a daily basis.

“hey girl!” michelle ran up to tina and gave her a hug.
“hey babay, I was just thinking about how much I missed you. Want to chill after school today and maybe shop for a little bit?”
“Of course.”
Tina and Michelle walked off to class together. Michelle, having no idea that Tina’s jealous insecurity had caused her to hate someone just because of the way she looked and the money her family had. And Tina, looking at Michelle’s perfectly coordinated outfit and long flowey hair, thinking of the next way to sabotage a relationship between Michelle and her current crush.

However anti-climactic this story was, I know about a hundred girls like this. And they’re MY nemeses. Why can’t you just be happy with who you are and be happy for your friends when something great happens to them. Why do girls feel the need to show up their friends on a daily basis?


Rethabile said...

And even some of the boys, some of the time.

HacivaT said...

i like u:)